Webhook type

The webhook type is a descriptive string composed of three parts: subject, attribute, and verb. The subject is what the event happened to, either a contract, a participant, or a party. The attribute is optional if the event only happened to a specific part of the subject. The verb describes what happened to the subject.

The table below gives a brief overview of each webhook type. You can get more information about the event using the contract event_ID in our Contract event endpoint. Please see the Contract event model section to learn more about each event.

contract:content_updateThe contract's content has been updated after being sent to the counterparty.
contract:declineThe contract state has been changed to declined.
contract:deleteA contract has been deleted.
contract:lifecycle_state:cancelThe signed and recurring contract has been canceled.
contract:lifecycle_state:endThe contract has expired, and its lifecycle state has been changed to ended. This event is triggered only if the contract has come to a natural end and has not been canceled or terminated.
contract:lifecycle_state:new_periodThe contract entered a new period.
contract:lifecycle_state:startThe contract began its first period, and its lifecycle state was changed to active.
contract:lifecycle_state:terminateThe contract was terminated, and its lifecycle state was changed to ended.
contract:publishThe contract state has changed from draft to pending.
contract:signThe contract state has changed to signed.
contract:signature_resetThe signatures in the contract were reset when the contract was changed after one or more signatories had signed it.
contract:signing_period_expireThe period during which the contract was supposed to be signed has expired, so its state changed to overdue.
contract:signing_period_reviveAnother period during which the contract is supposed to be signed has begun, so its state changed to pending.
participant:createA participant has been added to the contract.
participant:declineA participant has declined the contract.
participant:delegateA participant has been delegated.
participant:deleteA participant has been deleted.
participant:delivery_failureA participant failed to get an invitation to the contract.
participant:first_visitA participant opened the contract for the first time.
participant:publishA participant received access to the contract.
participant:signA participant has signed the contract.
participant:signature_resetA participant's signature was reset when a change was made to the contract after the participant had signed it.
party:createA party has been added to the contract.
party:deleteA party has been removed from the contract.
party:updateThe attributes of a party have been updated.

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