A reminder can be used to notify a predefined set of users on a contract, with a predefined message.

Reminder attributes

contract_idinteger(signed_integer_id)The ID of the contract.
date_timestring(datetime)The date and time the reminder should send.
idinteger(signed_integer_id)The ID of the reminder.
messagestringThe message of the reminder.
subjectstringThe subject of the reminder.
usersobjectContains the sender and receiver/s of the reminder . See Reminder users.

Reminder users

The users object contains an array of reminder recipient objects and the reminder sender object.

recipientsarrayRecipients contain a list of user objects of the reminder's recipients.
created_byobjectSender's user object.

User object

idinteger(signed_integer_id)The ID of the user.
namestringThe user's name.
emailstring(email)The user's email address.