Data field

Data fields are contract variables (also known as placeholders, custom fields, tags, etc.) that you can use in contract product tables, text and image, and form sections.

You can set the values for the data fields in a contract or at the template type level. The behavior of these two operations is different, so it is important to understand the difference. Please, see the Create a contract with data fields tutorial for more information.

Data field attributes

The table below displays all the attributes available for each data field:

_linksobjectContains links to endpoints associated with this data field. See Data fields links.
activebooleanIndicates whether the data field is active.
Note: Only active data fields can be used in a contract or template.
custom_idstringA custom identifier you can use to address the data field through the API. Each custom_id must be unique within the same template type.
descriptionstringThe description of the data field.
idinteger(signed_integer_id)The ID of the data field.
namestringA short descriptive name for the data field.
placeholderstringPlaceholder text displayed in the data field UI when the value is absent.
sourcestring(enum)Indicates the source of the data field. See Source.
valuestringThe value of the data field. Text values are limited to 1024 characters.
If the data field's type is a checkbox, then the value can be 0 (false) or 1 (true). See Value.

Data fields links

The _links object contains links to the endpoints associated with the data fields.

template_typeobjectThe link to the Get template type endpoint. See Links.


userIndicates that the data field was created by a user either via the API or via the Oneflow application.
systemIndicates that the data field was created and is used by one of the integration extensions.



Data fields where source=system cannot be updated. An attempt to update such data fields will return a 200 OK response, but the attribute will not be updated.


Input typeDescription
checkboxIf the data field attribute value is 0, it is considered false, and the checkbox will be displayed as unchecked.
If the data field attribute value is 1, it is considered true, and the checkbox will be displayed as checked.