A comment is a written remark on a contract from a participant of that contract.

Comment attributes

_linksobjectContains links to endpoints associated with the parent object. See Links.
bodystringThe body contains the content of the comment.
created_timestring(datetime)The time the comment was created.
idinteger(signed_integer_id)The ID of the comment.
parent_idinteger(signed_integer_id)The ID of the parent comment. It should not be an ID of a reply comment.
participantsobjectContains the participants' information that the comment should notify. See comment participants.
privatebooleanWhether comment visibility is to the commentator's party or not. True if only visible to the commentator's party and false otherwise.
updated_timestring(datetime)The time the comment was last updated.

Comment participants

Participants contain an array of comment recipient objects and a comment sender object.

recipientsarrayRecipients contain a list of participant objects of the comment's recipients.
senderobjectSender's participant object.

Participant object

participant_idinteger(signed_integer_id)The ID of the participant.
participant_namestringThe name of the participant.
party_idinteger(signed_integer_id)The ID of the party.
party_namestringThe name of the party.