Oneflow account has contacts that belong to the address books of workspaces.

Contact attributes

The table below lists all the attributes available for a contact within a Workspace.

company_namestringThe name of the contact person's company.
company_registration_numberstringThe registration number of the contact person's company.
country_codestringThe country code of the contact.
created_timestring(datetime)The time the contact was created.
date_of_birthstringThe date of birth of the contact person.
emailstringThe email of the contact person.
idinteger(signed_integer_id)The ID of the contact.
namestringThe name of the contact person.
notesstringThe notes added to the contact person.
phone_numberstringThe phone number of the contact person.
titlestringThe title of the contact person.
updated_timestring(datetime)The time the contact's information was last updated.
workspace_idintegerThe unique ID of the workspace where contact belongs to.