Create a contract with an owner-side party

In Oneflow, contracts are created between a party that owns the contract, called the owner-side party and other counterparties.

Whether or not the party is the owner-side party is defined by the my_party attribute. Any party that is not the owner-side party is a counterparty. Please, see more in the Party section.

️ Note:

The owner-side party should always be set to company and cannot be individual.

This tutorial shows you how to create a new contract with an owner-side party using the REST API. You will also learn what data elements you’ll need for this and how to obtain them.

Step 1. Obtain necessary information

To run the script described in this tutorial, you’ll need the following data:

x-oneflow-api-token You will only be able to run the script by providing a valid API token. You can create an API token in the Oneflow web application. Find out more in the Authentication section.
x-oneflow-user-email Your Oneflow user account email. You can find all user-related information using the users endpoint.
workspace_id The unique ID of the workspace where you want to create your contract. You can find the workspace ID using the workspaces endpoint.
template_id The unique ID of the template you want to use for creating your contract. You can find the template ID using the templates endpoint.
My party
my_party The party that creates the contract - the owner-side (precisely one.)
participants[array] The owner-side party participant (at least one.) There can be maximum of 29 owner-side party participants.
email The email of the owner-side party contract participant. Note that the email must belong to an active user in your Oneflow account.

Step 2. Run the code

Replace the values of the parameters in the following command with the actual data from your account and run it:

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'x-oneflow-api-token: API_TOKEN' \
--header 'x-oneflow-user-email: USER_EMAIL' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "workspace_id": WORKSPACE_ID,
    "template_id": TEMPLATE_ID,
    "name": "Create with owner-side party",
        "country_code": "SE",
        "identification_number": "1122334455",
        "name": "Owner-side Company",
                "_permissions": {
                    "contract:update": true
                "email": "[email protected]",
                "identification_number": "2233445566",
                "name": "Sales Executive Person",
                "organizer": false,
                "phone_number": "+111222333444",
                "signatory": true,
                "title": "Sales Executive"
                "_permissions": {
                    "contract:update": true
                "email": "[email protected]",
                "identification_number": "3344556677",
                "name": "Junior Sales Person",
                "organizer": false,
                "phone_number": "+222333444555",
                "signatory": true,
                "title": "Junior Sales"
import requests

payload = {
    'workspace_id': WORKSPACE_ID,
    'template_id': TEMPLATE_ID,
    'name': 'Create with owner-side party',
    'my_party': {
        'country_code': 'SE',
        'identification_number': '1122334455',
        'name': 'Owner-side Company',
        'participants': [
                '_permissions': {'contract:update': True},
                'email': '[email protected]',
                'identification_number': '2233445566',
                'name': 'Sales Executive Person',
                'organizer': False,
                'phone_number': '+111222333444',
                'signatory': True,
                'title': 'Sales Executive',
                '_permissions': {'contract:update': True},
                'email': '[email protected]',
                'identification_number': '3344556677',
                'name': 'Junior Sales Person',
                'organizer': False,
                'phone_number': '+222333444555',
                'signatory': True,
                'title': 'Junior Sales',

headers = {
  'x-oneflow-api-token': 'API_TOKEN',
  'x-oneflow-user-email': 'USER_EMAIL',
  'Content-Type': 'application/json'

response ="", 
                         headers=headers, json=payload)


When you create a contract using the template ID, Oneflow copies the template’s contents to the new contract. See the data model Contract for more information.

Expected response

This request will output details about the contract you created in the JSON format.

Please see the Party section in the Data model category for more information about the output.

Response codes

200OKReturns the created contract.
400Bad RequestInvalid format or content of the request.
404Not FoundA required entity is missing.
409ConflictA conflict occurred with the current state of the target resource.

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