The contract template is used as a model to create a new contract. Templates are created using the Template editor in the Oneflow app.



Templates cannot be created or edited via the API.

Template attributes

The table below contains the list of all the attributes available for each template.

_linksobjectContains links to endpoints associated with the parent object. See Links.
available_optionsobjectGives information about the capabilities of the contract. See Available options.
created_timestring(datetime)The time the template was created.
idinteger(signed_integer_id)The ID of the template.
namestring or nullA short descriptive name of the template, like "Shoe sales proposal".
partiesarrayThe list of parties in the contract, representing companies, organizations, individuals, government departments, etc. See Party.
product_groupsarrayThe list of product groups. See Product group.
template_typeobjectThe type of template. See Template type.
updated_timestring(datetime)The time the template was last updated.