API quick reference

You can use our SCIM API endpoints to automate and speed up the creation, discovery, retrieval, and modification of user and user group resources:

Discover Read Modify
Understand what features and data our SCIM server supports:
  • Resource Types
  • Available API services
  • Schemas
Access users and groups:
  • Get
  • List
Manage users and groups:
  • Create
  • Update
  • Delete

The table below shows the list of all endpoints currently available in our SCIM API.



Please, check out our SCIM API Reference page for more details.

Users GET /Users

GET /Users/{id}

POST /Users

PUT /Users/{id}

PATCH /Users/{id}

Groups GET /Groups

GET /Groups/{id}

POST /Groups

PUT /Groups/{id}

PATCH /Groups/{id}

DELETE /Groups/{id}

Service provider config GET /ServiceProviderConfig
Resource types GET /ResourceTypes
Schemas GET /Schemas