Get started with SCIM



See About SCIM for an introduction to SCIM.

Automatic provisioning



  • Oneflow currently supports automatic provisioning and management of users from Azure AD.
  • To learn how to provision and manage Azure users in Oneflow, see Set up SCIM on Azure.

To automatically provision users and groups from your identity provider to Oneflow, you will need to map the user and group attributes in your identity provider with the standardized attributes in Oneflow's SCIM API (these are based on the SCIM 2.0 core schema).

Using Oneflow's SCIM API

This guide shows you how to use Oneflow's SCIM API to provision and manage users and groups.

Step 1. Enable the SCIM extension on Oneflow

  1. Follow the steps in Enable SCIM API extension.
  2. After enabling the extension, you’ll get an API token. Save this securely in a text file as you’ll need this to authenticate your API requests.

Step 2. Send requests to the SCIM API endpoints

You can now start to perform CRUD operations for users and groups by sending requests to the following Oneflow SCIM API endpoints.