About SCIM



This API is available for all customers on the Enterprise plan.

SCIM, or the System for Cross-domain Identity Management specification, is a standard for RESTful APIs that manage users and the groups they belong to.

As organizations grow larger with numerous users, it becomes highly costly and time-consuming to manually provision users in one system (i.e. Azure AD) to another (i.e. Oneflow). SCIM helps enterprises scale efficiently by automatically provisioning and managing users in their application or identity provider into apps like Oneflow seamlessly.

SCIM is an open standard supported by various identity providers and enterprise SaaS applications. SCIM-compliant REST APIs are based on the SCIM schema. SCIM provisioning services can securely automate the exchange of user identities between your company's application or identity provider (i.e. Azure AD) and a SaaS application like Oneflow.

Oneflow's SCIM API lets you securely provision and manage:

  • Users
  • User groups.