API Overview

The Oneflow API documentation describes all Oneflow public APIs and their methods used for creating and interacting with Oneflow contracts.

All API references are grouped into several main categories according to their function:

AccountGet information about the current Oneflow account (country, logo, etc.).
UserGet a list of users in a Oneflow account.
CoreCheck Oneflow API availability and authenticate Oneflow users.
ContractCreate, retrieve, update, publish, and delete contracts. Also, create, retrieve and update contract-related elements (parties, participants, data fields, comments, reminders, and products).
FolderCreate folders inside Workspaces to manage and organize contract documents.
TemplatesRetrieve specific or all templates available for a specified user.
HelpersGet data essential for creating contracts.
Template typesRetrieve, update, and delete template types for a specified user.
EventsRetrieve specific or all events for a specified contract.
FilesAdd new and retrieve existing files from a specified contract.
WorkspaceRetrieve specific or all workspaces for a specified user.
TagCreate and retrieve tags in a Oneflow account.
WebhooksCreate, retrieve, update, and delete webhooks in a Oneflow account.

Base URL

Use the following base URL while working with APIs: https://api.oneflow.com/v1
Please, read more information about our environments in the Authentication and authorization section.

Postman collection

If you'd like to create a Postman collection from our API for testing and development,
you can download the file here: Oneflow_API_version_1.yml.

Please reference the Postman documentation for how to create a Postman collection from an OpenAPI specification.